Empower Your Child with Mindful Youth Classes

At Mind Body Knox, we offer specialized kids' yoga and coping skills classes tailored for elementary and middle schoolers. Our classes incorporate Cognitive Behavioral therapeutic techniques, fostering deep breathing, mindfulness, and grounding. These sessions also instill confidence, positive thinking, and a sense of connection.

Choose your preferred mode of participation: in-person, livestream, or on-demand. While you can join from home, we recommend starting with an in-person class for an easier transition.

To secure your child's spot, kindly sign up online at least 2 hours before class. Your registration helps our teachers prepare and ensures classes proceed smoothly. Anyone can join our classes, no membership required, but you can unlock savings with our Memberships or Class Pack, both of which can be shared with family members.

Empower your child with the gift of mindfulness and holistic wellbeing at Mind Body Knox.

Class Descriptions

Mind Body Kids

In Kids' Yoga children will learn age-appropriate yoga poses, play fun yoga games, and practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic coping skills, such as breathing techniques, grounding, muscle relaxation, guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, and positive thinking and affirmations.  All of these useful skills help us regulate emotions and maintain self-control if experiencing distress, such as feeling anxious, stressed, distracted, overwhelmed, angry, or sad.  Our objectives in class are to: move, breath, focus, connect, relax, and have FUN!  Feel free to bring your favorite stuffed animal to class with you or we have plenty to share!

All Ages Aerial Yoga

This is an aerial yoga class for everyone ages 5 and older.  Kids and adults (with or without kids) may take the class.  Great for both individuals and families.   For elementary schoolers, it is required that an adult or responsible adolescent also book with the child.  You will need to reserve as many spots as you have members of your family attending.  We will begin class in the hammock in a "cocoon" and then move through other stretches and inversions (note that no one is ever required to do aerial inversions).  In addition to yoga, we will be practicing other coping skills, including deep breathing, mindfulness meditation, and grounding throughout the class.  This is a great class to move our bodies, relax our minds, and see that coping skills practice can be a lot of fun!

intenSati Kids

intenSati combines spoken positive affirmations with movement and this class is designed for elementary and middle schoolers! In each class we’ll practice strengthening the mind and body to train us to be an observer of our thoughts, and choose powerful, positive ones. The word "inten" is derived from "intention", and "Sati" means mindfulness.  intenSati represents mindful intentions.  No experience necessary - all are welcome!