Discover Mind Body Knox: Your Path to Wellness

Welcome to Mind Body Knox—a supportive wellness community. Amidst the global mental health crisis, we stand with you on your journey to wellbeing.

Experience evidence-based practices in 20+ therapeutic classes each week. Alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression through yoga, movement, mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork. Join via livestream from home—no webcam needed!

Our classes complement counseling and offer a healing community and connections. Embrace physical and mental wellness at Mind Body Knox for a fulfilling life.

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“Being - allowing oneself to experience the present moment”

Be Moved

Moving our bodies in a mindful way is powerful tool to manage stress, improve mood, and regulate emotions.  We offer a variety of yoga and fitness classes from traditional mat yoga to aerial yoga, intenSati, and outdoor classes in public parks through our partnership with Knox Co. Parks and Rec. All classes are taught by certified, experienced instructors.

Be Mindful

Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally. We offer Mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork classes in addition to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. MBSR is an eight week, evidence based program that offers training to assist individuals with stress, anxiety, depression, and pain.

Be Playful

Empower kids at Mind Body Knox with specialized classes for elementary and middle schoolers. Our fun approach includes Cognitive Behavioral techniques like deep breathing, mindfulness, yoga, affirmations, and grounding. Learn coping skills to help with confidence, anxiety, attention, and emotional regulation

Be One

At Mind Body Knox, our one-on-one and duet sessions in yoga, fitness, and mindfulness meditation offer focused attention and tailored experiences. Beginners are warmly welcomed, and safety is our utmost priority.

Be Together

Discover bespoke corporate and private retreats at Mind Body Knox  for your group of 3 to 30+ attendees. Tailored workshops for team-building, stress management, productivity, and more await. Experience hybrid workshops with advanced videoconferencing. Elevate your organization with us today.

Be Well

At Mind Body Knox we believe that therapy should be affordable, accessible, and inclusive. We have nine licensed therapists who specialize in and treat a wide variety of referral issues through both in-person and telehealth sessions.

Be Connected

Learn more about Mind Body Knox, our studios, and leadership team here, as well as access our store to purchase gift cards, memberships, and class packs. Questions? Reach out, and we will be happy to assist.