At Mind Body Knox, we believe that yoga and meditation should be accessible and affordable to EVERYONE.  All of our classes are beginner friendly, and all of our teachers are passionate about utilizing yoga as a tool for mental wellness.  Our studio is a safe and supportive place if you are struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, or life stressors.  For your convenience, we offer in-person, live stream, and on-demand classes, meaning you can participate in a live group setting or in the comfort of your own home, with no need to turn your webcam on.

Class Descriptions

Mind Body Flow - this class connects accessible yoga postures with breath and fluid movement.  Exploring individual postures builds confidence and familiarity while more experienced students can refine fundamentals of alignment and explore deeper sensations

Mind Body Aerial - deep stretch and meditate.  Using an aerial yoga hammock as a prop, we will move through a series of breathing techniques, mindfulness meditation, and deep stretches.  No experience necessary- beginners welcome!

intenSati - a workout that will strengthen your body, clear your mind, and open your heart so you can live a life you love in a body you love. Learn to train your inner critic to become your inner coach so you can experience positive, lasting, and fulfilling results.  intenSati is a cardio class that combines positive affirmations with interval training, martial arts, dance, and yoga.  No experience necessary - all are welcome!  

Prices and Packages:

See our discounted class packages below for the best value

In-Person Classes:

Drop in rate $20

5 Class Pack - $18 per class ($90 total), 6 weeks expiration

10 Class Pack - $16 per class ($160 total), 3 months expiration

20 Class Pack - $14 per class ($280 total), 6 months expiration

*20 Class Pack can be split into two payments

*These Class Packs can be used for in-person and live stream

Livestream Classes

Drop in rate $18

5 Class Pack - $16 per class ($80 total), 6 weeks expiration

10 Class Pack - $14 per class ($140 total), 3 months expiration

20 Class Pack
- $12 per class ($240 total), 6 months expiration

*20 Class Pack can be split into two payments

*These Class Packs are for live stream only

Coming soon:  donation-based classes and yoga scholarships available to foster families and those in need

Benefits and Science of Yoga

With its emphasis on breathing techniques, medita­tion, physical poses, and movement—all of which help calm and center the mind—  yoga has been clinically proven to have long lasting physical and mental benefits. Numerous studies have shown that yoga is a powerful tool to manage stress, improve mood, and reduce markers of inflammation.  As is the case with most remedies to a stressful life, the benefits of yoga can only be achieved with regular and sustained practice. At Mind Body Knox we want to provide a time and space to promote your physical and mental wellbeing while cultivating and supporting your continued practice.

Meet our certified instructors:

Paige Keisler Collins, RYT-500

Paige Keisler Collins is the owner and founder of Mind Body Knox.  She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider.  She has certification in trauma-informed yoga, prenatal yoga, and aerial yoga.   Paige received extensive training on the science of integrated health in graduate school and has been practicing meditation, breathwork, and yoga herself, as well as incorporating these practices into her work with individual clients for many years.  She pursued yoga teacher training as a means to provide well-rounded group services focusing on a mind-body modality to help improve the emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing of all members of our community.  Paige has been teaching yoga since 2017 in community settings, residential treatment facilities, and over livestream.  She currently offers aerial yoga, kids' classes, and donation based classes.

Laura Clingan, RYT-200

Laura began practicing yoga in 2015 as a way to relieve stress and add a new form of physical activity to her routine. She was immediately hooked, and it was not long before she sensed that yoga was going to be a transformative power in her life. She has been truly amazed by the many benefits that yoga has provided including, a more positive self-image, self-compassion, confidence, physical and emotional strength, and an openness to embrace life. She felt a calling to share the gift of yoga with others and completed her 200-RYT training in 2018 at The Glowing Body in Knoxville, TN.  She enjoys practicing and teaching Power Flow, Slow Flow, and Chair Yoga. Always seeking new ways to make yoga accessible to everyone, she completed the ‘Yoga For All’ certification training with Dianne Bondy and Amber Karnes in 2019 and ‘Chair Yoga for Every Body’ with Karen O’Donnell Clarke in 2021. Laura's belief is that the physical and mental benefits of yoga are attainable for anyone regardless of physical ability.  She works to meet students where they are and encourages self-acceptance and compassion.

Alex Iman, RYT-200

Alex Iman is a passionate yoga teacher who discovered yoga while earning a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese, Spanish, and Government from Wofford College. After several months of training, he became a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher. During the day, Alex works as a Cultural Analyst at Oak Ridge National Laboratory where he enjoys offering classes for his colleagues. He strongly believes that yoga is a powerful tool for maintaining one’s mental and physical wellbeing. His approach to yoga is centered around helping his students to recognize and regulate their emotions through their personal practice. He spends a lot of his time teaching to individuals working in high-stress environments and to those who are new to yoga. Alex strongly believes that each class he teaches contributes to building a healthier and more empathetic world.

Theresa Kitts, RYT-200

Theresa is a certified yoga and mindfulness instructor. She has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and then received her certification through Yoga Farm Ithaca in 2020. She started teaching on her own with the goal in mind to create a comfortable, safe space for anyone to practice yoga and meditation. She has been teaching private classes in client’s homes, over zoom, and holds group classes in a local park.  Theresa started doing yoga for the physical benefits of strength and balance that yoga provides all while being gentle on the body. Later in life when faced with the tough challenges that life can throw at you, she found meditation and yoga to be excellent tools. Theresa started teaching so that she can share how yoga and meditation can calm the storm of thoughts and emotions to create peace within you.